AF Launch Conference


The Adaptable Futures research group hosted it’s launch conference, Moving Architecture – implementing adaptability at the building and urban scale, in September at the Building Centre in London.  The event highlighted the results of a four-year research initiative with presentations from internal members coupled with external presentations from leading individuals in industry.

The day’s programme moved from an overview on the topic in the opening plenary into parallel sessions offering more nuanced perspectives on the topic (e.g. design, culture, business).  The afternoon session concluded with a closing plenary showcasing design applications of the research through student workshops/ competitions and practitioner projects.  AF issued an A3 Handout illustrating components of the toolkit to all attendees.


Presentations and transcriptions from the session are available to download.  Keynote:  Simon Austin, Design:  Robert Schmidt III, Culture (transcription)Andy Dainty, Sustainability:  Peter Bishop / James Pinder, Business (transcription)Jim Saker.  Design Application Session:  James Kirk’s film (winning student film), Ash Sakula (film), Buro happold, Vandkunsten, Robin Partington


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