Designing for the Future – Khoury Architecture interview

In a world characterized by rapid change and evolving needs, architecture must embrace the challenge of creating spaces that can flex and evolve alongside our societies. In this interview, we engage in a dialogue with Robert Schmidt III, an expert from Adaptable Futures at Loughborough University, to delve into the realm of “Design for Adaptability.” Schmidt sheds light on the principles, challenges, and significant implications of this forward-thinking architectural approach. He elaborates on how this method not only enhances a building’s ability to accommodate evolving demands but also holds the key to a sustainable future by minimizing the wasteful practice of frequent demolitions and rebuilds (Written by Danielle Khoury Gregorio).

The full interview is available here:

Latest Activity

Chapter – Region Book (Routledge)

Check out the book Region, releasing this month. We contributed on Chapter 16: Designing for adaptability and sustainability in regional architecture: lessons from residences in North East Brazil.

We would like to thank O Norte Office for the availability on the case study investigation and Professor John Mardaljevic (Loughborough University) for the contributions related to the Sefaira software.

The book can be ordered here:


VIII Coloquio Internacional de Investigadores en Diseño

We presented the paper Dear architect, Design for Adaptability! DfAD as a Biomimicry design practice in the VIII Coloquio Internacional de Investigadores en Diseño organized by the Universidad de Palermo (Argentina) – Commission 33 – Design, Innovation and Transdisciplinarity III: Biodesign and production in times of crisis.

The article was published in the Cuadernos Del Centro De Estudios De Diseño Y Comunicación.

Download is available here: