AF exhibition

The AF exhibition was launched from October 1st at The Building Centre’s Vincent Gallery and was produced by a-small-lab (Chris Berthelsen) for AF.  The exhibition is a series of collages on the topic of adaptability, each collage provides a different perspective on the topic and is framed around a frequently asked question.  The collages provide a glimpse into the array of research that has been conducted over the past four years and aim to prompt the viewer to engage in further discussion on the topic via twitter or the AF website.  The questions are not ones we can easily answer and often situate themselves in the complex web of project contingencies.  The AF work has focused on developing tools and resources to help clarify needs and provide improved and more nuanced responses to the topic of adaptability.  The AF team is in the process of producing a small booklet which will elaborate on each question and will be available online soon.

Collage 01:  What is Adaptable Futures?

Collage 02:  What is adaptability?

Latest Activity


FlexiRents is the final year project by Preet Panesar from DS17 (architecture and film design studio) at University of Westminster.  The scheme explores adaptable live/work housing solutions.

Project description:

I began by addressing a common flaw found in modern urban housing, such as dense terrace housing, flats and apartments. These typologies fail to accommodate the constant change in people’s circumstances. Having been born and brought up in London, I have had firsthand experience with space negotiations in the home. Being one of seven living in a three bedroom house it never felt like a tight squeeze yet we all constantly fought for our ‘own’ space. With the regular arrival of guests and visitors we would often feel like we had reached the house’s maximum capacity. Yet space was always found somewhere, beds were shared, floors doubled up as mattresses and we managed. As we changed and grew, the house also grew and saw dramatic changes. We added an extension to our kitchen to provide more living space, we had a …


Proactive Resistances


by Vincenza Santangelo, PhD in Quality of Design

The visual map below is the result of the project “Reintepretation. Abandonments as potentialities” coordinated by Vincenza Santangelo with the students Marta Chiogna, Elena Maranghi, Yasmin Sarah Menouer, and Antonio Maria Privitera within the workshop “Teatri Abitanti. Architetture per i beni comuni” by Marco Navarra, 24-30 April 2012, Teatro Valle Occupato, Rome.

Photo by Sergio Bonuomo


The abandonment of the Valle Theatre in Rome is a typical model of a widespread condition in Italy of abandoned theatres; a result of cutbacks in funding, poor political choices and obsolete planning. Despite the constant demand for cultural spaces, almost every town from Northern to Southern Italy has an abandoned theatre, closed for years, often converted into storage. The theatres represent an architectonic heritage which have been emptied of their meaning and reflect a general disinvestment in culture.

Examples of abandoned theatres across Italy


The student project embodied a quantitative investigation of abandoned theatres in Italy, the work illustrates and summarises the phenomenon with the creation of a visual atlas.  It highlights a …