student work

The AF team has prompted, engaged with and supported student work as a way of challenging and examining the research from a variety of perspectives.

Several final year and MSc students have explored areas of adaptability and written their dissertation on the topic. AF has also prepared, lectured and marked coursework on the topic tailored to a variety of construction industry disciplines. We have hosted a student competition and have supported student entries into other competitions.

AF also coordinated two workshops for students to engage in realistic considerations of balancing how to adapt existing buildings and design new more adaptable spaces to fit the dynamic needs of the users and community. They brought together different universities, cultures, disciplines and scales of investigation to visualize possible implementations framed by the local authorities and the AF research, providing a platform for students to engage in a creative environment with other students, the local authority, business organizations and community members to promote their design ideas.

Below are some examples of student work. We look to continue to engage with students in a variety of ways and encourage students to engage in the topic, post and discuss their work.

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