D15: Stakeholder Mapping


Core Concept:  The spider diagram is an example of one of six maps which explore the outcomes of adaptability (scalable).  The oval shaped bubbles represent more generic benefits for the strategy which feed into the seven identified stakeholders (e.g. funder, designer) and more specific reasons/ benefits for each.  The red text highlights potential hesitations for the stakeholders while the light grey text signifies no benefit or hesitation was identified.



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  1. rsiii February 19, 2012 at 6:06 am

    The benefits were developed through a workshop that we ran entitled ‘Who’s Getting What?’. The result is aimed at creating a briefing tool that could focus each party on identifying its ultimate goals creating better clarity amongst the stakeholders (the why) – to get beyond a means to an ends – to think about the why rather than the how and get solution-focused too early (reading the diagram from the centre out).

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