Bricolage 01

A hint from Claude Levi-Strauss: ‘The “bricoleur”[s]…universe of instruments is closed and the rules of his game are always to make do with “whatever is at hand.”…….. The “bricoleur” may not ever complete his purpose but is always puts something of himself into it.”

In this project we investigate not just the myriad ways that users of buildings reconfigure limited and frugal materials to solve temporary and longer-term use-problems in their environment, but also the ways in which such reconfiguration interacts with the social and invidual context.

Claude Levi-Strauss (The Savage Mind) quoted in Evocative Objects (MIT Press, 2007), page 22.

Image: Street ashtry in Nakano, Tokyo – from Chris Berthelsen (a-small-lab)


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