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DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JUNE 10th! Given the end of term and project deadlines for some universities we’ve decided to extend the deadline.  The 10th of June is the latest possible date and hope this helps students wanting to submit a proposal.



In an effort to share feedback from queries about the competition, we will use this post as an evolving piece of information for interested applicants.  Feel free to post queries/ comments here and we will respond to them in a timely manner.  Many thanks for everyone’s interest.


Are team-based submissions okay?  Submissions can be team-based or individual (as long as all participants are students).  Teams should not exceed 4 individuals.  The prizes are obviously not scaled!


Does the submission have to be a building?  No, your submission may take a variety of forms and scales, e.g. a public space, a product, a building system, or a cluster of buildings (e.g. a neighborhood).  The key is to illustrate how your proposed solution responds to a variety of changes.  A good way to do this is to envision a series of plausible scenarios.


Can I submit if i graduate in May?  Yes, you can submit if you graduated after December 1st, 2011 (six months prior to the deadline).  If you graduated prior to December 1st, 2011 you are not eligible to entry the competition (sorry).  If however you have a project that you think is interesting and highly relevant to the research you can email it to us directly at  It <span style=” style=”color: #000000;”>Can I submit a studio project?   Yes, we are happy for you to submit your studio work as long as it… a) is submitted in the format of the competition A0 boards or a QuickTime film and b) responds to the competition criteria (i.e. your studio project might not be about time and change, but the competition requires you to think about how your submitted design can accommodate change over time).  Please don’t simply submit a studio project without proper consideration towards the three bullet pointed criteria in the competition brief.




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