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BBVH architects (Rotterdam) have designed a terrace house archetype for the GoldenPlover estate project in Rotterdam-Hoogvliet.  Potential owners can go to their website and through an online program customize the house in a variety of ways through a series of determined variables.  The first step is to select which lot you would like, you can then decide if you would like to add an additional floor or scale either the ground or first floor horizontally by an additional 1.5m.  Other features include choosing the type of patio doors, roof light, location of kitchen, and the configuration of the staircase, bathroom, entrance lobby and bedrooms above.

 Kitchen options

The user-friendly approach includes a price tag for every option and finishes with a printable itemized list of your decisions.   While the program is geared towards allowing owners to customize their new homes initially, it’s clear that the designers have thought about a variety of ways in which the home could be configured some of which are not locked in with the initial decision – which would be an interesting addition to the program showing owners which options could still be activated at a later date and which ones could not!






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