Relocatable Classrooms

Project by: Anastasia Globa (student winner)

The University of Melbourne’s Future Proofing Schools research project, recently held an interesting ideas competition for the next generation relocatable classroom.  The competition looked to enhance the conventional mass-produced response by producing  solutions that can be relocated and adapted to the nuances of context – shifts may include topography, culture, scale, function, climate, etc.  Whether it be for disaster response, rural communities or changing demographics the task was to illustrate how the design idea would adapt to a new set of parameters – what would change?  what would stay the same?  The entries were judged on four themes – 21st century teaching (teaching & spatial shifts), prefabrication & mass-customization (movable & economical), contextually integrated (e.g. site & landscape) and a sustainable solution (high performance).  The brief ties well into the AF strategies – particularly movable, scalable and refitable.

Project by: NBRS+PARTNERS (professional, 2nd prize)


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