KTA Kickoff workshop

AF held a kickoff workshop (05.12.11) for its knowledge transfer (KTA) project in London hosted by 3D Reid Architects.  The workshop was attended by collaborators from the UK, Denmark and Japan (via skype).  The aim of the workshop was to familarise the collaborators with the elements of the toolkit through a series of presentations and discussions.


As a warm-up exercise, the collaborators were given a pack of cards (pictured above) and asked how they might appropriate a subset of the ‘tools’ in their practice or on a project (at what stage? with which stakeholders?)?  The latter discussion around the toolkit was prompted from project presentations from David Rowley of Nightingale Associates and Soren Nielsen of Vankunsten Architects. The intent of the one year project is to test the implementation of the toolkit through ‘live’ projects with the collaborators’ practice.



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