AF FIXES explores the notion of adaptability through the practical ways we tweak our surrounding environment. These often frugal, yet clever acts provide a platform to examine how our buildings, streets and neighbourhoods evolve over time in relationship to our dynamic human needs. What lessons can be drawn from these quotidian adaptations – what material patterns, functional classifications and connection types arise?

  • Storage/Display with String and Pegs

    Storage of gloves, dustpan and pegs, secured to string. For use at garbage collection and recycling point of low-rise …
  • Storing Cabbages/Drying Shoes

    Metal window ledge/safety railing provides ample space for both storing cabbages (they are much sweeter when stored outside) and …
  • Seating and Potplant Space

    The boundary of a driveway modified as a pot plant display area and seat for outdoor BBQs.
  • Streetside Net Storage

    Streetside storage for net used to hold community rubbish sacks on rubbish day.
  • Hose Storage

    Functional adaption of park tree for maintenance equipment storage in a run-down apartment complex just off the high-fashion avenue …
  • Cardboard Recycling Tower

    Cardboard box recycling tower constructed from salvaged metal rack and wood block for stabilization. Stool for reaching upper levels.
  • Library/Storage/Recycling

    Repurposed tv unit houses library of rescued reading material, and acts as storage space for cleaning tools and items …