AF FIXES explores the notion of adaptability through the practical ways we tweak our surrounding environment. These often frugal, yet clever acts provide a platform to examine how our buildings, streets and neighbourhoods evolve over time in relationship to our dynamic human needs. What lessons can be drawn from these quotidian adaptations – what material patterns, functional classifications and connection types arise?

  • Rubbish Bin Protection

    Rubbish Bin Protection A plastic grill tray halved and then fastened together with plastic twist ties (presumably) acts as a guard against …
  • Solar Lit Driveway

    Row of cheap solar lamps form driveway lighting when placed in drainpipe holders fastened to chainlink fence with wire.
  • Annotated Trolley

    Trolley underbelly provides space for instructions on its own use – in this case, for use only within the …
  • Dog Enclosure

    Dog Enclosure The dog has the run of the yard – kept in check with wire racks attached to the gate …
  • Privacy in Plastic Scraps

    Privacy in Corrugated Plastic Scraps Ground floor apartment balcony given privacy (for hanging out washing) through the arrangement of corrugated plastic scraps. From
  • Customized Gate

    No grass to stick a yard light in? Always wanted more of textured, opaque look for that front gate? This creative …