AF FIXES explores the notion of adaptability through the practical ways we tweak our surrounding environment. These often frugal, yet clever acts provide a platform to examine how our buildings, streets and neighbourhoods evolve over time in relationship to our dynamic human needs. What lessons can be drawn from these quotidian adaptations – what material patterns, functional classifications and connection types arise?

  • Rubbish Day Hook

    Hanging wire hook for putting out the rubbish for collection. Attached to the wall with bent wire hooked over …
  • Safety in Cans

    Safety in Cans Reinforcing rods for the concrete block wall of a new house are made safe for passing eyes with the …
  • Solar Lit Driveway

    Row of cheap solar lamps form driveway lighting when placed in drainpipe holders fastened to chainlink fence with wire.
  • Tyre Bumpers

    Cut-off tyres guard against parking mishaps.