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Rubbish Day Hook

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Hanging wire hook for putting out the rubbish for collection. Attached to the wall with bent wire hooked over the top of the wall, the threat of swinging is constrained by threading the wire through a fastener made of a … Continue reading

Railway Sleeper Park Bench 2

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A railway sleeper positioned on top of two smaller pieces of wood forms an elegant and function bench in a Sendagaya park. The seating looks just too narrow to sleep on… an elegant solution to design restrictions on public seating … Continue reading

Cardboard Recycling Tower

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Cardboard box recycling tower constructed from salvaged metal rack and wood block for stabilization. Stool for reaching upper levels. This example is a note for a pamphlet on “Hand Made Aspects of Mass Produced Housing” by a-small-lab. From Chris Berthelsen … Continue reading