Challenging Time(s): activities to untangle time

This year’s AF event will be on 3rd October and be held at the Building Centre in London again. The format will be interactive and team-based arranged around a series of games, exercises and debates about adaptability (flyer).  The intent is to create a fun atmosphere allowing participants to showcase their knowledge and skills as well as communicate the work AF has done over the past year – a hybrid design charrette, think tank session and conference – challenging participants thinking and design skills towards adaptability.

The number in attendance will be limited to 16 teams made up of 3 people from the same or different organisations – multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged, but not essential. Participation is by invitation only. Organisations that will participate include CBRE, AHMM, Ash Sakula, Igloo/ Blueprint, Stanhope, 3D Reid, Pie Architecture and Adams Kara Taylor.   For enquires and more information about the event email Rob Schmidt (



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