Leicester Waterside

Leicester waterside takes a bottom up approach to adaptability driving incremental change through a variety of small acts led by and empowering the community’s immediate and tangible needs for places to live and work.  An adaptable neighbourhood is about understanding and supporting rather than suppressing constant and incremental change as a community driven, urban economy – a thriving ecosystem of small enterprises.  The proposal looks to capture small wins at first raising the profile of the area – new signage to shout about the local businesses, pop-up gardens, events and markets using left over spaces, and small modifications to buildings, like enlarged openings on the ground floor, to help liven-up the public realm.  Meanwhile uses (pop up shops and cafes) animate the street level, artist gardeners green the area, regular events begin to happen daily, weekly, seasonally or annually, flexible licenses and varied forms of tenure attract increasing numbers of people creating a cluster of small scale enterprise and experimentation.


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