An Emporium for Education

SEW’s proposition creates an emporium of urban form for Lewisham College genuinely open to outside trade with a ground floor market place and flexible teaching spaces above.  The scheme is outlined through ten principles:  collected (consolidate all the courses into one flexible structure), grand entrance (promote, collect and gather students and the public), emporium (the capacity for the school to ‘trade’ itself in activity, knowledge and achievement), showcase (vertical window shopping opening the college to the public), proud structure (creative articulation of the materiality of the building), active balance (replacing the corridor with a place for learning), inhabitation (each faculty can inhabit the evolving building in their own way), daily to annual flexibility (allow teachers to adapt spaces to their needs), aggregation (the structure can aggregate over time with additional resources) and amenity roof gardens (a green space for ubiquitous activity and faculty specific means).


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