An Adaptable Building App

The proposal looks to unlock the potential of using a smart phone app to mediate between user preferences and building conditions to make better use of them.  The idea can be applied to any building, anywhere with devices people already have on buildings that already exist with blue tooth technology and consensus software.  The smart phone provides a common language that is constantly up-to-date.  Whether it is automatic/ high-tech (developed country) or manual/ low-tech (developing country), it’s not about how you do it, but about communicating the data to the users or the building (via the smart phone).  The proposal would allow space to be programmable and constantly changing based on user needs and the external environment grouping similar conditioned preferences (e.g. warm, cool, quiet, noisy) and activities together removing the traditional one size fits all building management approach.  The developed example illustrates how an external shading device adapts to inside and outside climate conditions creating a dynamic and always fresh looking façade.


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