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Commuter Relief

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Tracks through the shrubbery that borders a newly constructed bus/taxi rotary in front of a suburban Tokyo train station illustrate the willingness of weary commuters to mold the organic infrastructure of their neighbourhoods for a quicker path to bath and … Continue reading

Note on FIXES 001

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Quick, timely, inexpensive, disposable, plentiful, distinct, minimal, ambiguous, hopeful – these ‘fixes’ are ways of thinking and doing amongst the passivity of ‘modern’ living. Signals of direct, personal, human creativity, they illustrate real sustainability, flexibility and adaptability to local and … Continue reading

Step-Up in Breeze Blocks

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Easy-access step created with breeze block and concrete. Aging societies need to think about and experiment with ways to adapt their residences for deteriorating bodies. From Chris Berthelsen (a-small-lab)