Verbus System

The Verbus system is a patented technology for a modularized structural system that takes advantage of low cost manufacturing utilizing factory produced volumetric modules based on shipping container technology that can be combined to create a variety of building shapes and deliver a high strength structural solution.   The system is applicable for moderate high rise cellular accommodation type buildings (i.e. hotels, dormitories, etc.) up to 16 stories in height and can be erected quickly using specially developed locking mechanisms.  Typically, the ground and top floors along with vertical circulation are fitted out with conventional construction methods.


The modules form the bulk of the building which can be primarily finished off-site in China and shipped to their destination ready to be installed.  The cladding and services are typically done on-site interfacing directly with the modules.  External facade features such as balconies are easily incorporated either through external fixings or through drop down panels.  With proper planning the use of the volumetric modules along with the standardised shapes and components allow for the building to be scalable and its components refittable. To date, the Verbus System has built several hotels in the UK (e.g. Travelodge) along with a few international projects.


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