Sobrados Novo Jardim

The Sobrados Novo Jardim (SNJ) building is located in Caruaru, a city in the Northeast of Brazil, in the State of Pernambuco, completed in 2016. One of majors characteristics of the SNJ is the building image, by use of vibrant colors on the facade and the detail of the curved water reservatory that break with the idea of the absence of identity in homes for the low-income people.  The architects were mainly concerned with allowing extensions as a consequence of their past experiences and feedbacks by the end users.

Because the building is located in the Northeast of Brazil, some solutions were strategically created to guarantee adequation to the climate. The façades incorporate a typical element of the Modern Architecture in Pernambuco: the cobogó which is a hollow element that allows constant air circulation, creates an unusual play of light and shadow and a visual linkage. The cobogó was made using the 8-hole brick itself, lying horizontally, allowing that even when the frames are closed, the ventilation continues to cross.

Images by Antonio Preggo courtesy by the architects


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