The SMALL-COAL-MAN’s traveling theatre

Conceived initially for Clerkenwell design week, this tiny travelling theatre will reawaken the secretive and intimate performances offered by Thomas Britton’s notorious home concert hall. The theatre will move between locations hosting a variety of events, provoking public engagement by transforming ordinary ‘empty’ spaces into a social place for drinking and chatting on the ‘outside’ and a cozy ‘one-to-one’ space for a variety of theatrical performances on the ‘inside’.  The theatre will be pulled by a vehicle between locations remaining ‘theatrical’ in transition with chiming musical bells hidden in the structure of the façade.


Various parts of the façade will transform upon arrival, loosely defining the outdoor social spaces; while a set of steps release to fulfill the curiosity of the wandering spectator, allowing one to explore the inside.  The friendly atmosphere of the interior will change depending on the performance as light levels and sound can be reconfigured to suit the performance.  Beyond Clerkenwell Design Week it is anticipated for the theatre to find new homes around the country supporting local drama groups.


Images courtesy of Aberrant Architecture


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