Nottingham Science Park

The Nottingham Science Park is a boutique office development constructed by the developers Blueprint and designed by the architects Studio Egret West. Completed in 2008, this environmentally friendly office building is built on the former Beeston railway sidings which are now flourishing with an array of flora and fauna.  Lifting the building off the ground gently came naturally to the designers given the flood plain and allowed the design to camouflage the parking underground and embrace its surroundings.  Likewise, the exterior space(s) has been developed for the users to enjoy their surroundings with places to sit and routes to walk.


The building was designed to be adaptable in many ways including looking the shared entrance at the centre and allowing the subdividable office spaces to form two wings which can be carved up in a number of ways.   The development offers a range of options in terms of space (1000 to 20,000 Sq ft sized offices), fit out (from grade A office to bespoke solutions from shell & core to full lab spec) and leases (flexible lease terms to suit individual requirements). A number of the social and work facilities are shared spaces offering versatility to the space both in how they are used and by whom.  The façade panels are a laminated timber which are durable, easy to clean and can be refitted easy do to the dry connections used.



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