Nanjing Road Pedestrian Kiosks (NJRK)

The 12 kiosks are located on Nanjing Road in Shanghai nicknamed ‘number one Street of China’ signifying its commercial significance in China’s modern history.  The road stretches a mere 1 km, but attracts over a million visitors a year despite its chaotic order.   As part of the government’s regeneration plan for the area, the kiosks are strategically themed, varied and situated a 100 meters apart amplifying the unique urban landscape with their  art-deco inspired glass panels emulating the historic architecture of the neighbourhood.  In addition, the roofs support solar panels supplying the exterior LED lighting.


The kiosks even in  their small scale are ‘mixed-use’ hosting a variety of hybrid uses providing public services (e.g. tourist information, souvenirs, lottery) and/ or commercial services (e.g. Madame Tussaud’s Wax kiosk, Coca cola).  While the general shape and structure of each kiosk is the same, the skin of the kiosks reflect the given programme of that kiosk representing differences in materiality, openings and how the user interacts with the kiosk.  The kiosks can change use quickly given the refitability of the panels and simplicity of the selected construction method.


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