Energy Park

SEGRO’s Energy Park is located 20km north of Milan in the Science Hub of Brianza and has traditionally been home to Alcatel Lucent’s Italian Headquarters. The existing business park has recently been extended with the addition of a single two storey building (Building 3), although other new buildings are in the pipeline. Building 3 was designed by Garretti Associates and awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification, reflecting the building’s ‘sustainable’ design features, which include ground source heating and cooling.


As an investor-developer with a long-term interest in the buildings that it develops, SEGRO sees adaptable design as a key part of its business strategy for responding to changing occupier demand for its buildings. Building 3 was therefore designed to be fitted-out either as an office, warehouse, laboratory or storage space. This was achieved by ensuring that the building has sufficient structural capacity to accommodate different uses and by designing the buildings external cladding to be easily reconfigurable. The building also has a double cruciform floor plan with multiple cores and a central courtyard, to enable its floor space to configured in different ways.


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