Dentsu Entrance Library

Dentsu is the largest advertising agency in Japan (over 7,000 employees) and its headquarters occupies a 48-floor skyscraper designed by French architect Jean Nouvel.  The company has put together a project team of young, enthusiastic employees to explore alternative, transient uses for the entrance lobby changing its appearance, use and spatial organisation every month over the period of one year.  The initial month brought together designers Megumi Mastubara and Hirori Ariyama (Assistant) and Bach to engage the users with the company’s publications.


The concept was for the employees to take ownership of the ‘library’ asking them to choose their favourite publications and to bring them in to be included in the entrance library.  More than 500 books brought in by over 100 employees were included in the installation.  The library – shelves, tables, chairs – was all ‘packed’ air, designed with transparent packaging materials.  The packaging material takes ‘care’ of the books during their transport and also creates a resting place for them and the user as part of the entrance lobby.  The total amount of material used can be deflated and fits within 1m² of space allowing for easy storage to be used again or to be recycled.


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