Corujas Building

The Corujas building is a corporate project located in Sao Paulo, in the small neighbourhood of Vila Madalena, a place composed of low-rise buildings and known as a cultural and bohemian neighbourhood. The connection with the neighbourhood was a relevant aspect of the project briefing, therefore, the building has a setback where a small square is located and functions as a public space for the community.

The architect’s mindset about the end users’ experiences was crucial for the conception of a unique space, with private gardens and areas for social interaction, different from the corporate building pattern of the city. It is distinguished by the contrast between the massive wood basement made of timber reforestation, and the upper floors made of bare concrete and glass panels that enable the users to have different views of the neighbourhood providing spatial quality and good daylighting. After the project completion, the offices were delivered without furniture allowing the user to customize the spaces.

Images by Rafaela Netto, courtesy by the architects.


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