Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park is a low-rise business park providing high quality office space and life for its users developed by Stanhope plc and designed by Richard Rogers Partnership. While located outside central London, the large 13 acre brown field site is not dominated by cars and was ahead of its time focusing on pedestrians and alternative forms of transportation. The site began development in 2000 and has developed into a community of mix uses and tenants over the past ten years. The site’s ten buildings accommodate predominantly office space as well as a health club, swimming pool, cafe, and small retail.


The range of mixed uses brings a sense of community beyond a single dimensional business park. The heart of the site is a landscaped public space with a lake, trees, and open performance spaces providing a mixture of outdoor spaces to be enjoyed and creates a sense of place that people can enjoy and relate to the building. The buildings themselves provide an efficient and adaptable solution primarily through their strong use of prefabricated and standardized components, modular systems, and a collaborative procurement process. Since its initial occupation the park has already proven to be adjustable, versatile, refitable, and convertible.


Image credits: Images courtesy of Stanhope plc


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