Children’s Village

The Children’s Village is located in Formoso do Araguaia, a small city in the middle region of Brazil. The project is a village for children from 13-18 years old of the local school Canuanã. The concept was to promote the regional culture through the building’s design with local construction techniques, as the use of a timber structural system.

The building’s aesthetic is highlighted by the simple form which consists of a large roof that connects different volumes and also protects the facades from solar exposure. The volumes configuration promote an open plan and internal gardens that potentializes the connection with the natural environment. The volume’s design and the use of ‘cobogós’ on the walls (perforated elements) provide natural ventilation into the internal spaces.

The project conception was highly influenced by the design process, where the architects integrated the students and other school members into discussions and activities to capture the demands and desires for the new village.

Images courtesy by the architect (Gustavo Utrabo).


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