BT Brentwood

BT Brentwood was a result of work style 2000, a BT workplace initiative which started in 1993, shifting spatial plans (from cellular to open plan) and geographic locations (from inner city to the outskirts) offering higher ‘quality’ workspaces.  The building is located on the 22 ha former site of St Faiths hospital near the town of Brentwood. The area now owned by BT is in the region of 5.7ha, with open green belt land to the north comprising the additional 14.7ha of the original site.  The building is predominantly office space (3 floors) with a restaurant space, two conservatory gardens and a split level car park built to accommodate 800 vehicles.


BT wanted to balance a building specific to their needs with a building generic enough to be appealing for future lease or sale.  The horizontal building can be separated into 3 ‘wings’ each with their own entrance and service zone that can be controlled separately.  The large variety of rooms has proven very useful as departments and teams have shifted throughout the building depending on their current needs.  Over time the building has seen a simplification of how spaces are used and managed removing many of the features and static uses that were once believed to be a necessity (e.g. personalised space, first aid rooms).


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