The simple ‘boxes’ which form the Almen+ terraced house residences are based off a traditional Danish archetype and the result of a competition for 240 low price residential units for the social housing corporation AKB. In order to bring down costs the scheme is entirely based on prefabrication and as a result the project is developed in close collaboration with a manufacturer of volumetric elements.  The system developed is changeable to different sites and programmes and is defined by measures suitable for transportation with a maximum module of 3.6 m. The ‘completed’ building is constructed without any interior partition walls or finished painting to help reduce rental costs.


Despite limited manoeuvres for spatial composition high priority was given to ensure a variety of spatial plans could be achieved by the residents.  The 3.6 m module is wide enough to generate a versatile space and hence kitchen, living room and sleeping rooms are able to be configured into a number of combinations. Albeit not owning the homes, occupants can choose to individually invest in additional componentry.   The window openings of the façade are all alike but can be ‘filled’ differently varying between full glazed partitions, French balconies, ordinary windows and blinding panels.  Furthermore, the cladding boards of the façade are mounted with frictional fixations avoiding penetration of the board material in order to ensure easy dismantling for refurbishment or replacement.


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