Why do certain buildings last hundreds of years and others mere decades?

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The adaptable futures research group at Loughborough University unpacks adaptability in detail looking at the complex web of dependencies that induce, hinder, and accommodate change. The work includes designing for adaptability, flexibility and the adaptive reuse of our building stock and urban spaces.
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The ultimate flexible building

The Possible – The Art and Science of Buildings & Cities (Image 1: Artwork by Hunky-dunky).

More than ever, we need buildings that can bend to whatever the future brings. But flexibility itself has always been a malleable concept. Can it be pinned down?

Also check it out Flexible Buildings: the problem with mixing layers (different parts of a building evolve at different speeds, so it makes sense to keep them separate).

Download the full PDF edition of issue 07 of The Possible (see Pages 62 and 74).