Why do certain buildings last hundreds of years and others mere decades?

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The adaptable futures research group at Loughborough University unpacks adaptability in detail looking at the complex web of dependencies that induce, hinder, and accommodate change. The work includes designing for adaptability, flexibility and the adaptive reuse of our building stock and urban spaces.
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Chapter – Region Book (Routledge)

Check out the book Region, releasing this month. We contributed on Chapter 16: Designing for adaptability and sustainability in regional architecture: lessons from residences in North East Brazil.

We would like to thank O Norte Office for the availability on the case study investigation and Professor John Mardaljevic (Loughborough University) for the contributions related to the Sefaira software.

The book can be ordered here: https://www.routledge.com/Region/Richards-Sanliturk-III-Palaiologou/p/book/9781032422978